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Any blockchain project guarantee automation, decentralization and transparency but there is a need to ensure the security of smart contracts too. Historically, a single bug in smart contracts has led to irrecoverable loss of funds or locking up of millions of dollars. Remissness leads to a breach, loss of data or theft. Therefore, hiring an expert company is a crucial step in ensuring that your project work as intended.


Blockchain Security

Our security auditors double-check the codes to eliminate spurious results and provide an audit report with an executive summary, vulnerability details, and mitigation guidance.


Penetration Testing

Our team provides internal and external penetration testing services to clients as well as network penetration testing services.


DApps Development

We develop decentralised applications like Dex, Yield Farming & Staking, Blockchain Based Games, Meme Tokens, NFT Marketplace, Collectibles Based Projects, IDO Platforms and many more along with customizable features


Know Your Customer

In an undeniably worldwide economy, monetary foundations are more powerless against illegal crimes. Know Your Customer (KYC) principles are intended to ensure monetary foundations against misrepresentation, debasement, tax evasion and fear-monger financing.


Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

DeFinex Finance is a blockchain development and security company. We provides the best development services in all domains. At DeFinex Finance, we turn our blockchain development passion into a purpose by providing the best innovative decentralized solutions in all sectors. Whether you are working on DApp, exchange, game or token, our team can create optimized and secure smart contracts for your project.


​Only those who are aware of the threats can build an indestructible shield, thus DeFinex Finance team has professional cyber security team with wide range of experience in blockchain development and security.


​​We will help you protect your corporate security and allow you to receive actionable recommendations on how to eliminate the vulnerabilities discovered in your system. Our specialists will recommend potentially required patches, code, and access changes, as well as other adjustments.


​​We provide a wide range of development and cybersecurity services for businesses operating in the digital world. Our specialists design best solutions, focusing on the needs of the client.

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Have you planned, tested and built a secure interface for general access?  Is your smart contract safe?  Will it operate as designed when launched in the wild? Build and Secure your smart contract with our top blockchain experts.